Public Talks
For people who are interested in finding out about Traditional Tibetan Medicine, these Public Talks are highly recommended.

  • An Introduction to Traditional Tibetan Medicine
  • Mantra Healing in Tibetan Medicine
  • Dream Analysis in Tibetan Medicine
  • Diet and Lifestyle in Tibetan Medicine
  • Birth and Death according to Traditional Tibetan Medicine
  • Sa Che – Tibetan Geomancy
  • Ku Nye – Traditional Tibetan Massage
  • Astrology in Tibetan Medicine

All public talks are two hours in duration and are accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation.

Weekend Courses
Wellbeing through Traditional Tibetan Medicine

For people without any TTM background, the following 2-day weekend courses give not only the basic theories of TTM, but also practical skills and knowledge which can be immediately applied for the health and wellbeing of all the family.

  • Health and Wellbeing through Traditional Tibetan Medicine
  • The Wellbeing Diet in Traditional Tibetan Medicine
  • Aging Gracefully with Traditional Tibetan Medicine
  • Astrology in Traditional Tibetan Medicine

Healing and Wellbeing Retreat
Longevity and Rejuventation – The Tibetan Detox
(Tib. bChud Len dang rGaspa gSoba)

This is a 7-day course based on the teachings which Tibet’s greatest saint, Guru Padmasambhava, transmitted to his female disciple, Yeshe Tsogyal.

These are simple non-ritual practices that can be performed by anybody.

The course is presented in residential setting. Each day, a special herbal pill is taken; these pills are based on a formula of juniper. Daily activities include a form of gentle yoga and breathing exercises.

This practice prevents aging, gently cleanses the blood and digestive system, and therefore helps prevent chronic disease and increases energy levels.


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