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The Mantra Healing courses are modular in nature, meaning that each level is a complete unit in itself, giving both practical and theoretical knowledge which can be utilised immediately. However, each subsequent level builds upon skills and knowledge acquired previously, leading the student to a deeper understanding and greater proficiency at working with Mantra Healing.

Students are encouraged to join to join the web-based discussion-group in Mantra Healing, in order to share their experiences and insights. As well as being a useful a means for keeping in touch with other practitioners, the discussion-group creates a unique learning opportunity - a forum for discussion of interesting, difficult, and/or successful cases. In addition, information on enhancing Mantra Healing practice, auspicious days for practising specific mantras, and information on further courses may be distributed via the discussion-group.

Mantra Healing – Course Outlines

Mantra Healing focuses specifically on the energy of sound as a healing medium. Tibetan Mantra Healing utilises ancient and secret mantras: sometimes encapsulating the essence of natural sounds, and often using ancient words from the Sanskrit and Tibetan languages.

Mantra Healing can be used in order to improve the quality of one’s life, to prevent ill-fortune and injury, as well as to cure illness.

Mantra Healing Level 1

This five-day course presents a comprehensive introduction to the art and science of the ancient Mantra Healing tradition. The course is very practical in nature, and includes one evening session which makes use of the dusk and evening energies for therapeutic effect. Topics to be covered include:

  • The origins of Tibetan Mantra Healing.
  • Mantra Healing in the context of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, as well as a profound healing modality in its own right.
  • Fundamental principles of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, including the Theory of Interdependent Origination, and Five Elements Theory.
  • An explanation of the manner in which Mantras function.
  • The use of Mantras to cure specific disorders.
  • Instruction on how to use a mala; explanation of the functions of specific types of malas, and how this relates to Mantra Healing practice.
  • Instruction on the recitation of Mantras, including preparation, correct posture and pronounciation.
  • An explanation of the therapeutic properties of certain precious stones which are commonly used as an adjunct to Mantra Healing.
  • Transmission of healing Mantras.

Mantra Healing Level 2

This five-day course expands upon the knowledge gained from Mantra Healing Level 1, leading to a greater depth of understanding of the ways in which Mantras can be used for healing purposes.

Unique to this course is the study of healing Amulets, utilised both for their preventive powers, as well as for the healing of disease.

This course will include:

  • • Revision of important material from Mantra Healing Level 1.
  • • A more detailed study of the history and lineage of Mantra Healing.
  • • Study of the use of Amulets including those for health, wealth, long life, good fortune and inducing fertility.
  • • Further study of ‘Eating Mantras’ including those for bowel disorders, heart attack, chronic diseases, as well as to rebalance the Astrological factors.
  • • Additional Mantras will be given for specific diseases including epilepsy, viral infections, skin and joint problems, and mantras that can be used as general pain-killers.
  • • Transmission of a specific mantra which can be used for healing problems associated with the Four Actions: Pacifying, Increasing, Controlling and Wrathful actions. This mantra can be used for any kind of problem including chronic disease, severe pain and disease related to provocations.

Mantra Healing Level 3

Mantra Healing Level 3 is a five-day course designed for those students wishing tocontinue serious study of Mantra Healing. A certain practice-commitment is expected.

Participation in Mantra Healing Level 3 requires the student to have completed their healing practice from Levels 1 and 2. Specifically, this means:

  • All students are to have completed the Mantra accumulations for their chosen Mantra for 100 Diseases, ie. either Dorje Gotrab, or Bat Shima, or the Pawo Dru Nga.
  • After having completed the Mantra accumulations, the student should be engaging in daily mantra practice; continuing to activate the mantra every day in their own personal practice.
  • It is also expected that the student is actively utilising mantras for healing purposes. When attending the Mantra Healing Level 3 course, students should come prepared with written documentation of their experiences of working with these mantras, both from a personal experiential view, as well as specific cases of healing through the use of these mantras.

Outline of topics to be covered:

  • Revision and clarification of important material taught in Mantra Healing Levels 1 + 2.
  • An additional108 mantra charts / amulets are to be given to students, with specific instructions for their use. These are teachings according to the great terton, Sangye Lingpa.
  • Special instructions will be given on the use of the Dorje Gotrab Mantra.
  • Teachings on the functions of specific herbs used in Mantra Healing.
  • An explanation of tantric instruments / ritual implements, which are commonly associated with Mantra Healing. eg. Vajra, Phurba, etc.
  • Astrological advice for Mantra Healing. This includes special days for the practice of specific Mantras, energy flow associated with certain phases of the lunar calendar, etc.
  • Additional mantras for healing will be given.
  • There will be an Introduction to the Yuthog Nyingthig.
  • On the last day, students will be taken through a practice of Medicine Buddha.


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